About Us


We understand that in order to create the perfect brew, that the right equipment is needed. Brewing is such a delicate process, that if one piece of equipment is faulty, it can ruin one or multiple batches. Since we ourselves are brewers, we hold our equipment to the highest standards for quality, understanding that the equipment means everything. In a sense, everything we sell is tested personally by us, because we use the same products.

We have everything from stills to malts to pressurizers and whatever else you may need to brew your own craft brand of alcohol. It is our pleasure to be the biggest distributor in the area, constantly building a customer base that is both loyal and knowledgeable. In a sense, our customer is what makes us so successful.

Brewing Differently

For us, brewing is a creative process that involves experimentation and a strict application of the rules. In order for us to serve our customers, we know that we must share knowledge and create a community that is both open and filled with knowledge. Because we have such a close working relationship with our customers, we have made it a point to document all of our recipes and share them with the community.

Whether you are looking to brew a beer, a wine, or a hard cider, we have everything you need to make the perfect brew every time. We hope that you will join our collective of dedicated brewers with the knowledge and experience needed to help you succeed.