Community Recipes


Whether it is a brand you are trying to build or creating the perfect one off beer or cider for the season, there is nothing quite like enjoying one of your own craft brews. Having come from a long line of brewers, we understand the importance of creating a unique beverage, which is why we are home to the largest collection of brewing recipes on the market. Through not only years of brewing experience, but also community feedback, we have created a place where brewers can share their experiences and give others the opportunity to create the perfect brew and further the knowledge in the industry.

In a way, we enjoy the community just as much as we do giving supplies to prospective brewers. It is part of what we do, and part of what we have done throughout the generations. Brewing is our passion, and part of that passion involves giving back to the community in the form of knowledge. Our brewing recipes are tested and true and come from all over the world from all walks of life. We hand pick the recipes we use and share our knowledge with the rest of the world, the way brewing should be, for sites such as – better than woodchuck, angry orchard, strongbow.

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Join the ever growing community of dedicated individuals that simply enjoy brewing. A place where brewers sign up to become part of something larger than themselves, giving them the opportunity to show the world how the brewing community works together to create a new art form.

Whether you are a new brewer or a seasoned brewers, take advantage of the community that has been crafted throughout the years by talented and knowledgeable individuals dedicated to the craft rather than making a profit. In the future, you may see us as the site that paved the way.